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This is a traveling team, which does not come cheap and player are responsible for their travel costs.  It is the goal of the CUSP organization to keep costs to an absolute minimum while still providing a safe, educational and fun environment for our players.  The cost for the summer of 2017 will be roughly the same as in 2016.

Costs will be broken down as follows:

Team dues: Costs shared across all our teams including tournament entry fees and to help offset the costs incurred by our coaches.

Uniform Fees:  Every year we will be changing the design of one piece of our uniforms.  Players participating on a team for the first time will need to purchase a full uniform set (light shirt, dark shirt and shorts).  These are yours and you get to keep them after the season is over.  Returning players can choose to purchase a full uniform or can go with a lower cost option of just purchasing the new uniform piece.

YCC Fees: If you will be traveling with the team (meaning you will NOT be traveling and staying with your parents when you go to this tournament), there will be a charge for the hotel stay and bus.

For a new player travelling to all the team events and staying with the team, the summer will cost ~$510.  For returning players, the summer will be about $440 and could be substantially less for players traveling with family.

 All the fees for the entire summer will be due on June 1 so that appropriate logistical plans can be made.  After this date, no changes in plans or requests for refunds can be accommodated.

CUPA and CUSP will work with players to ensure that all selected players can participate and that the cost of the summer will not be a limiting factor.  Grant money is available from CUPA for players with severe financial need.