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What is Belle?

What is Belle?

The best under-20 female Ultimate players in Cincinnati.  They travel the midwest through the summer, wreaking havok on adult club teams.  In August, they compete for the North American Championship at the Youth Club Championships.  Great Ultimate.  Fun road trips.  These girls are the Belles of the (flat) ball.


The Belle has four main goals

1.        To improve the ultimate knowledge and skills of Cincinnati youth players and allow them to step in and contribute immediately to a college and/or club team after graduation. 

2.        Instill confidence in our girls by providing them with leadership and participation opportunities not available on YUC teams

3.        To develop a sense of community among our best youth players in an effort to strengthen Ultimate in Cincinnati as a whole.

4.        To have fun.  Ultimate is a game after all and should be fun.



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Youth Club Championships record

    2007 (1-5) 5th place
    2008 (2-3) 3rd place.  Spirit Award Winner
    2009 (2-4) 7th place.
    2010 (4-2) 3rd place.
    2011 (2-4) 6th place
    2012 (3-3) 2nd place. Spirit Award Winner
    2013 (4-2) 5th place.
    2014 (4-1) 3rd place
    2015 (5-3) 4th place
    2016 (7-1) 2nd place

Baby Belle at the Youth Club Championships
    2014 (1-3) 2nd place
    2015 (3-3) 3rd place
    2016 (5-3) 3rd place